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-Technical Library-


The ISMD library is one of the most valuable assets of the institute. It has a numerous number of books with a collection exceeding 9200 text books costing over 30 million Rupees in various fields, particularly in Surveying Sciences, Geodesy, Remote Sensing, GIS, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics and so forth. The library is regularly flooded with journals, periodicals, research papers and proceedings in the field of Surveying and Mapping and also different fields related to. According to the recent censes, there are about 2200 journals and 600 research papers in the library.

All text books are shelved separately according to their fields in a very systematic manner so that one can access any desired book easily, it devotes a special section to facilitate readers to refer books. All the students and staff members are automatically entitled to the lending membership at this library. Participants who attend short courses, however, are only allowed to refer the books in the reference section but not to borrow. Reference section as well as lending section is open for users during the office hours (From 0700h. To 1545h) on weekdays.

Also initiative steps have already been taken to include all the information of books that are available in the library in a computer system so as to provide easy access to books. Consequently, readers can find the availability and location of a book within few seconds and need not to walk through shelves searching for books.