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“Surveying & Levelling”

Course Overview:

The institute recognizes that there is an increasing demand for short-terms courses on “Surveying and Levelling” from different organizations and students of Universities, Technical colleges, Military Academy etc. Accordingly institute time to time in the process of developing such courses appropriately depending on the request, background of course participants and the organization to which they are attached

The following surveying & levelling related short courses ranging from 2-10 days duration are available at ISMD. Joining instructions & term and conditions will be sent ahead of time after inquiry. For more information please conduct Deputy Surveyor General (Academic) at or ring us on 0572229235.

Course Code Course Title
SC 0300 Fundamental of Surveying & Levelling
SC 0301 Basic Levelling
SC 0302 Surveying & Levelling for Engineering students
SC 0303 Total Station for Topographical & Engineering Surveys
SC 0304 Road Surveys
SC 0305 Survey Plans & Related Laws and Techniques